Do You Use Glasses for Style? How to Find Fashion-Forward Frames


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We have been searching for ways to find the perfect pair of glasses for centuries. The first pictorial piece of evidence showing the use of eyeglasses is the 1352 portrait of cardinal Hugh de Provence reading in a scriptorium by Tommaso da Modena. 473 years later, the first lenses for correcting astigmatism were created by George Airy, a British astronomer. In the last 200 years, our glasses have continued to evolve to treat myopia, hyperopia, and many other conditions affecting eyesight.

As any optician and eyewear expert can tell you, however, trying to determine the perfect frames has long since ceased to be simply about practicality. Now, we shop the world for frames that fit our medical needs as much as they fit our aesthetic desires. In fact, an increasing number of people wear non-prescription glasses that add charm to their personal style. Whether you are vision-impaired and looking for some flare or you simply want a way to stand out in the world of fashion, here are three things we should consider when trying to pick the perfect eyewear.

Practicality is Important
Regardless of why you want fashion-forward frames, you need to make sure they are practical. For those with sight problems, finding a lens that fits your prescription is the first step. An eagle can spot a rabbit at 1,760 yards. Even with glasses, you would only be able to see that same rabbit at 550 yards. You will never see like an eagle, but with the proper glasses you will not have to see like a mole.

For everyone shopping for fashion-forward frames, finding options that are comfortable and durable is a must. Modern glasses usually incorporate support pads on the bridge of the nose and the sides that sit over the ears to add to comfort. You are going to be wearing your glasses a lot. Make sure they do not hurt.

On the other hand, you need to find something that is resistant to damage. CR-39 lenses, for example, are low weight, highly resistant to scratches, feature low dispersion and low transparency to ultraviolet and infrared rays. In short, they do their job while looking great.

How is Your Face Shaped?
Before you try to choose your style of fashion-forward frames, you have to be honest with yourself about your face shape. After all, a round face works better with certain glasses than a sharp-featured mug. If you cannot decide your face type, ask a friend. Their perspective can give you an honest answer.

What is Your Personal Style?
The last step in choosing the perfect pair of fashion-forward frames is to find what works with your personal style. If you’re part of the hipster crowd, then classic black, over-sized frames are always a great option. Likewise, if you are a young professional, try finding something that is smaller and simple to give you that clean look a businessman needs.

Finding the perfect eyewear is still crucial to improving our sight. However, as fashion-forward frames show, function does not have to be boring. Keep these three tips in mind to find the best glasses for you, whatever your needs. See more: