Do You Know These AC Secrets?


There are a few not so well-known secrets when it comes to your air conditioning and HVAC system. Some of these tips will make your life easier while others could save you some money too. In this video, you will learn about some of these HVAC secrets. If you have any questions, please consider calling a trustworthy HVAC contractor.

The first tip is to have your air vents cleaned out. Clogged air vents will drastically reduce efficiency due to lack of air flow.

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Plus, they can contribute to worsening air quality and allergies if not cleaned periodically. Another tip is to set your thermostat to circulate air. This often means changing it from the “auto” setting to the “on” setting. This means that the blower will run at all time which leads to better air circulation. This will help circulate that hot air that rose to the upper floor. This creates an air current that makes the space cooled much more evenly. Plus, it gives the air a chance to flow through the air filter which can help reduce allergies. Overall, these AC secrets should help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve air quality.