Discover Exciting Rochester-Area Events


Sulinder singh, rochester

For a city of just over 210,000 people, Rochester New York has much to offer in the areas of culture, music, art, education, and sports. In terms of industry and employment, health care and education are paramount across the Rochester region. When it comes to fun and entertainment, music, theater, art, and sporting events are usually among the most popular Rochester events.

Given the many institutions of higher learning in the Rochester area, local colleges and universities offer hundreds of Rochester events all year round. Among these are Rochester art fairs, concerts, sporting events, guest speakers, and various other cultural events. Within the city limits, the assorted Rochester art galleries, museums, and concert venues also sponsor innumerable events every day. Some of the most popular of these offerings are the dozens of Rochester music events that take place at the Rochester Auditorium Theater, Eastman Theater, and other Rochester music halls each week.

If you live in Rochester, you are well aware of the many festivals that pop up on the Rochester events calendar during the spring and summer months. Among the most popular annual Rochester festivals are the Lilac Festival, Corn Hill Festival, and Park Avenue Festival. Although each of these festivals is centered on arts and crafts, music is always a big draw at each. Of course, the East End Music Festival and the Rochester International Jazz Festival are all music; and the Jazz Fest always feature some of the biggest names not only in Jazz, but blues, rock, funk, folk, and country.

Rochester New York is a smallish city that offers more than enough options for anyone. It is a particularly fun city for people with interests in the creative arts, but would prefer not to live in a super crowded metropolis like New York City. The bottom line is regardless of the season, day of the week, or time of day, there are plenty of fun and exciting Rochester events no matter your taste.

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