Couple Has Collected Over 1,000 Police Patches


Many of us have something that we collect and cherish. It may be sports cards, stamps, model planes, or something else entirely. However, one couple has a particularly unique collection. They collect police patches. Police patches are each unique in their shape and design.

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Lots of thought goes into each patch. Each company that makes patches must take into account the symbolism that goes into each design. Each patch must also meet the high quality expectations of police departments. This means that each patch is a work of art. Even more, it is a work of art that means something to people. Police badges are a symbol of peace, order, and protection from evil.

The couple in the video started their collection with only a few patches that were a gift to them. Specifically, they were patches from the Live PD show on television. However, this was only the start. The couple started requesting patches from other police departments to add to their collection. To their surprise, they started receiving dozens of patches in the mail. They did not have to pay a penny for many of these patches. Over time, this collection has grown to over a 1,000 patches that are now proudly displayed on the walls of their home.