Cigar 101 – Rookie Mistakes to Avoid


Before you light up a cigar from one of the wholesale cigar bundles you picked up during the holidays, make sure you know how to look like a pro cigar aficionado when you smoke it. Perhaps the two most important aspects of smoking a cigar the correct way come down to clipping the tip and how you draw in smoke. As this video notes, only cut off a dime sliver of the cigar, so you don’t lose too much of the delicious tobacco.

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Also, avoid inhaling as you would with a cigarette; inhale through the nose, not the lungs.

Your bundle may include many types of cigars or a selection of brands. Most bundles include a petit Corona, a Corona, and a Churchill. Larger bundles also offer a Gordito and Gordo. After you become accustomed to these cigars, try a Toro, Panatela, and a Lonsdale, so you experience the full range of common cigars.

New cigar smokers usually provide themselves with the best initial experience by sticking with major brands. Starting out with a Padron, Oliva, Ashton, or Davidoff provides a safe and reliable experience. Other options you can count on for taste and aroma include cigars from Arturo Fuente, My Father, San Cristobal, and Rocky Patel. Follow these smoking tips, know your cigar type, and choose a major brand to seem like you’ve smoked cigars forever, even if you’re lighting up your first one.