Choosing the Right Size Garage Door


Door Sizes

There are different sizes of doors. For example, a single car garage is usually between 7 and 10 meters wide, a half garage that is 12 meters wide, then a two-car garage that exceeds 16 meters or 18 meters.

Best Residential Garage Doors
Perhaps you are finally ready to replace your current garage door but don’t know which direction to turn. These are some of the best residential garage doors to consider.

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Traditional Residential Garage Doors
Among traditional garage door styles, panel doors are the most common. You can find many styles of panel doors that’ll look great without making too big a design impact on your property.

Carriage Style Residential Garage Doors
Today’s carriage-style garage doors give you the appeal of swing-outs but with the convenience of being raised up. Carriage house doors come in a range of desired qualities that allow for customizing your home’s garage door to your spec.

Contemporary Residential Garage Doors
If you have a more modern or contemporary home, you might find that modern and contemporary garage doors are right for your style. They often come in aluminum or glass varieties so you can customize the amount of privacy and natural light.