Car Antenna Repairs


A broken car antenna can be an annoying problem to have. It makes basic things like listening to your favorite radio station, using navigation, and making calls more difficult, maybe even impossible. On top of that, the cost of antenna repairs is just as inconvenient. Even if it doesn’t break your bank, there are likely other things you rather spend your money on.

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Luckily, with some guidance and a few tools, you may be able to fix it yourself!

Most of the tools you need are likely already in your garage: A drill, pliers, and a bolt wrench. However, you will also need a soldering iron, which is less common. You could potentially find one for cheap, but if not, maybe paying for the antenna repairs is your best option. You will also need proper safety gear such as gloves and safety goggles.

It goes without saying that if you do not have proper experience with power tools, do not attempt to fix your own antenna. If you have the experience and take the time to learn the process and safety measures, only then should you attempt this. Watching the video above will demonstrate the necessary steps, then you can decide what is best for you.