Can You DIY Your Own Gate Installation


So you’re planning to put up a gate, and you don’t want to spend much on gate installation services. Now, you’ve decided to do it on your own rather than hiring professionals. Here are the things you should know:

1. Sturdy and Good Foundation

The first thing you should know about gate installation services is to have a good foundation for a wooden or steel post.

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Just make sure you have about 4 inches of clearance in the ground, whatever size you will put.

2. Putting the Gate Hardware

Before you put on the gate, make sure you have the hardware and necessary pieces to mount the gate.

You only need to mount the bottom hinge on the second rail up to give you support. While the top hinge will just give a second rail down to the same fashion.

3. Gate Post Hole Drilling

You also need to get a perfect mark so you can start with the drilling process. It is also recommended to use a spade bit and safety glasses when drilling.

4. Hanging of the Gate

Putting the washer and not on will give adjustments when you need to level your gate. You’re will also need wooden blocks to make it easier to hang the gate. Installing the lag bolts and the gate hardware for the gate’s support is your last step.