Buying a Wrecked Viper to Restore


Are you a muscle car enthusiast? While excellently maintained cars from any era are going to be expensive and out of reach for many enthusiasts and shadetree mechanics, wrecked vehicles can be worth anyone’s while.

If you can find wrecked vipers for sale, you could end up as successful as the hosts of the video posted on this page. They bought a wrecked 2006 Dodge Viper from an online auction.

Video Source

Although some buyers may have just used the vehicle for parts, they have other plans. Most of the vehicle was in decent shape, but the front end had suffered serious damage.

While the engine needed some help, the body panels looked to be in great shape. This meant they could turn this car into a beautiful working vehicle with some replacement parts and bodywork.

The video is just the start of the process they go through as they work to turn their wrecked viper into a fully functional dream vehicle. If you have dreams about turning a wrecked vehicle into a car that you know inside and out, you might want to watch the whole series to get an idea of the work that goes into such a project.