Building a Brand Marketing Presence on the Internet


Franchise pr

Mobile marketing is one of the most underrated types of marketing in industries, but it will probably be one of the biggest trends in marketing from 2013 into the future. One of the important features of mobile marketing is Quick Response codes which are square codes developed in Japan for tracking components in factories. Of course, marketing is not new in any way. The earliest record of a billboard rental was in 1867 and Ridley Scott’s “Big Brother” Apple ad made its debut at the 1984 Superbowl.

Up until the dot com bubble, outbound marketing may have been king, but inbound marketing became king after the demise of the bubble. It was around this time that companies which provided brand marketing and brand consulting started to become popular. A brand marketing agency can go a long way toward getting a company’s name into the public sphere and a franchise consultant can help a business establish itself in a local community. Franchise marketing can be good business for those who are looking to set up shop in an area where a franchise has not previously existed.

Brand marketing goes back a long way, but not everyone knows how to best protect their brand’s image. It is precisely these things with which brand marketing can be helpful. And hiring a business that knows how to build a presence on the internet is just one way of doing this.