What Is Construction Dewatering Like on a New Construction Site?

In this YouTube video, Chad Ryan answers the question, “What is construction dewatering?” Dewatering is the process of removing the natural groundwater found while digging and working on a construction site. It’s vital that the possibility of groundwater being found is anticipated. There’s a chemical treatment process for it to go through as it’s removed […]

Hearing Aid Cost

In this video, you will learn about hearing aid prices. The average cost of hearing aids is something that should be very straightforward and upfront. Unfortunately, it has not been this way in the industry. The hearing aid cost and service associated with it can differ. Video Source This is something that needs to be […]

Glazing Doors Explained

In this video, you will learn about fire rated glass. Glazed doors must undergo a lot of tests. To receive a fire rating, glass must first pass a fire test. Video Source This is where the exposed surface is on the fire for 20 minutes. It must pass a mandatory test. The window is sprayed […]