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Entertainment news online

Each year, according to the New York Post, Americans spend somewhere around $4.7 billion on concert tickets. Sure, we want to hear our favorite songs performed live and to have that exciting concert-going experience. However, part of why concerts are so popular is because of the celebrity surrounding our favorite acts. Similarly, Americans spend close to $32.6 billion annually on movie tickets, according to the MPAA. Just like with concerts, we certainly want the entertainment value of the theater. However, oftentimes we just want to see our favorite actors and actresses.

It is no secret that Americans love their celebrities. We love to watch them win and, perhaps more so, we love to see them lose. If you want to follow all the latest entertainment news online, then you need to check out these two high quality sources of the latest, most exciting celebrity news.

Entertainment Tonight Online%3Cbr%3E

According to IMDB, Entertainment Tonight has been a staple of television-based entertainment news since 1981. However, as consumers shift more and more to the internet to watch TV, movies, and listen to music, online entertainment news has likewise become very popular.

Entertainment Tonight now offers its fans a chance to keep up with all the juiciest celebrity gossip from all over entertainment. For instance, did you know that Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg was a high school drop out? According to an interesting story by Entertainment Tonight online, Mr. Wahlberg just received his diploma at age 42!

Of course, Entertainment Tonight online follows more explosive stories too. Who hates who, who is wearing what dress, and all the exciting topics you love are covered at Entertainment Tonight online.

Entertainment Weekly Online%3Cbr%3E

The first issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine was published in 1990. Since that time, the publisher has been the number one source for entertainment news in print. However, much like television, magazines and other print media are going the way of the dinosaur. According to Pew Research, magazine sales have not experienced any growth in the last five years.

Subsequently, Entertainment Weekly has made the shift to the online realm. They offer the same celebrity journalism of the highest quality that they always have in print, but they now offer it with the added convenience and portability of the web. Want to know all about the newest shows and returning favorites coming this fall to your favorite TV station? Entertainment Weekly has all that and more.

Whether you are a music buff or a film nerd, both Entertainment Tonight online and Entertainment Weekly are great sources to follow. Fans of celebrity gossip have a huge amount to gain from each of these sites. Each has their own style, however, so check them out right away to discover which is for you!