Are Organic Sheets Softer?


Organic bedding sheets

You may have noticed recently that many companies are adding organic linens to their collections. While recently organic foods have become very popular, some people may be about organic linens. After all, it may be difficult to see the advantage that, say organic bedding sheets, have over regular sheets.

Just as with organic food, organic linens are made from plants that are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. In addition, organic linens are free of chemicals that can be added at later production stages, such as chemicals that help to keep sheets from wrinkling.

Proponents of organic sheets say that they are much more comfortable and softer than traditional sheets. They also claim that they are safer because of the absence of chemicals which they say can cause allergic reactions and irritate skin. They claim that babies in particular can benefit from organic sheets, and there are even organic cribs now. All in all, proponents say that organic sheets lead to a better nights sleep.

However, a great deal of the many claims that organic linen manufacturers make are not supported by scientific studies, at least not yet. Another thing to consider if you are looking into getting organic sheets for your house is that they are not cheap. In fact, they can be much more expensive than the non organic equivalent. You should weigh the supposed pros against the cons when making a decision about whether to buy organic linens. The bottom line is that if you have had no problems with traditional linens, then there is likely no need to switch. For more information, read this website.