2022s Kitchen Design Trends


When you first walk into a kitchen, chance are you can tell what decade it was made in, or even what year exactly. An outdated kitchen is something you can’t miss, and can even disturb the aesthetic of your entire home if you don’t keep it fun and fresh. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, then it is wise to follow kitchen design trends to prevent your space from going out of style too soon. Some trends and aesthetics are proving to last longer than others, so pick a style that you’ll still marvel at for years to come.

Video Source

This video outlines 3 kitchen design aesthetics that were trendy in 2021 and are still prominent in 2022.

Japandi style is here to stay, with its delicate balance of form and functionality. These kitchen feature very simple dishware and tabletops, making the room itself appear larger and more bright. This style is deeply tied to minimalism, which is another trend that has been popular for quite a few years now. Minimalism rules that your kitchen should contain the least amount of stuff possible, or at least keep it all behind clean, simple cabinet doors. These kitchens are usually completely white or black. Finally, biophilic aesthetic brings plants and organic shapes into your kitchen.