Atlanta Attractions You Will Never Forget

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Atlanta, Georgia is a place that attracts all kinds of visitors with its deep history and culture. The city offers up museums, music, shopping, parks, and more. As the capitol city of Georgia, it is home to Centennial Olympic Park, which is a 21 acre playground in the center of downtown, and the location of the 1996 Olympics. The park holds concerts, festivals, and family activities, as well as daily shows of The Fountain of Rings.

All of these attractions and more make a unique and exciting vacation. Any family or group of friends can tour Atlanta and have the time of their life. If you are looking for your next great vacation adventure, you should begin gathering Atlanta info.

When you tour Atlanta, you are able to give your children a great historical experience that is both educational and fun. Atlant

Came to Atlanta For a Concert, Stayed For the Times

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There was this huge concert in Atlanta, and I drove all ten hours there in one straight shot. When I pulled up to my hotel, though, all of my trouble lights came on. I panicked, and had the front desk call me a tow truck. Turns out the pulleys in my engine were shot, and they shredded my serpentine belt.

They ordered the belt, but it was going to take a while until it arrived. So, I decided to make like a tourist and check out some of the sights.

Though I did not originally plan on such a way to visit Atlanta, I was glad I did. I took a tour of the city and saw a load of good sites. My Atlanta tour took me all over the city, and showed me some of the coolest spots I otherwise would never have known about.

I am not a big baseball fan, but I found myself loving Turner field, which was the first stop on my Atlanta tour. Although, I did not like the next stop on my Atlanta tour, which was BabyLand, the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Kids. I mean, it was cool, but they always freaked me out as a kid.

My Atlanta tour even showed me a Tyrannosaurs Rex skeleton at the Fernbank Museum. The Georgia Aquarium, Legoland, the Red Brick Brewing Company were the next stops on my Atlanta tour, and it was the time of my life.

I would definitely recommend you to tour Atlanta if you get the chance. You can find plenty of good Atlanta events. There are plenty of travel sites to help you with Atlanta info if you want it, as well.

Does anyone else have any other favorite spots that I did not get to see on my Atlanta tour? Please share in the comments. References: