What Exactly Are the Benefits of a Sea Salt Cleanse?

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Sea salt diet

Your body has three organs which perform the critical function of cleansing toxins from your system. Your liver, kidneys, and colon all work to cleanse your blood, and the water and food that you consume. Did you know that your liver removes 99 percent of all the toxins from your blood? At times you might feel that it is necessary to perform a body cleanse, and reduce the strain on your organs which normally have to do all of the work.

There are several diets and systems out there that allow you to cleanse different components of your digestive system, but one of the most popular cleanses being used today is the sea salt cleanse. Sometimes called a sea salt diet, the cleanse is essentially a laxative that will flush out your system, but specifically it effects your colon.

Sea salt cleanse benefits will vary