Why Motor Oil Matters

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Oil change locations

If you own a car, chances are that you have replaced your engine’s oil at least once. While most of us know that this is an important part of automobile maintenance, few of us really understand anything more about motor oil, such as what it is and why it is important.

Motor oil is produced from petroleum based and synthetic non petroleum based chemical compounds. In an automobile, it serves to lubricate the engine’s parts. This is necessary because during internal combustion there are multiple parts in the engine that rub against each other producing both heat and friction. Without oil, or too little oil, engines will wear faster and can overheat. Benefits of a properly oiled engine

Do Not Forget to Change Your Oil

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Motor oil matters

Most people who own or drive a motor vehicle know that it is important to have regular oil changes. However, there are some motor oil facts that many drivers do not know. Different cars require different kinds of oil, and there are several different types, and weights, of motor oil.

Mechanics and garages that handle automotive repairs know the motor oil facts and can tell you the best motor oil for your car. There are places that specialize in oil changes, and the people who work there are well trained to know their motor oil facts. For example, they will