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Yummy Salsa Recipes!

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Southwestern salsa

You may have eaten salsa with tortilla chips and tacos. Have you ever asked yourself, though, just what is salsa? Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce, which makes sense considering that salsa is often used as a condiment. However, when you inquire, “what is salsa,” you are probably asking about one specific type of condiment put on Mexican food, a tomato based dip that can be either mild, moderate, or extreme in the extent of its spiciness.

To provide an answer to the question, “what is salsa,” it is necessary to realize that there are a number of different versions of salsa that are used in different ways. There is the plain old salsa dip of the sort brought by waitresses at Mexican restaurants. Then there is salsa cruda, an uncooked mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and cor