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Search Engine Optimization Providing Significant Increases in Traffic for Websites

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A recent MarketingSherpa study found that businesses who implemented an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign saw a 38% increase in online traffic. If you own your own website or domain and are not getting the web traffic you think you deserve, despite having a strong web design, it is most likely due to your domain authority and search rankings being too low. Implementing an SEO campaign is the best way to raise these rankings.

The use of search engines is the 2nd most popular internet activity, only second to checking emails. You read that right. Search engines receive more online activity than online video games, online videos, eCommerce sites and news outlets. Are you ready for some more mind blowing facts? Great, because here they come: Worldwide, there are an estimated 12 BILLION local searches made on search engines each year. I will take a minute to let that number sink in. 12 BILLION local searches. That is an outrageously high number. There is also an estimated 70 percen