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How to Bring More Customers to Your Website

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The twenty first century is all about technology. We have high definition televisions, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and many other electronic gadgets. Most people do at least some of their shopping, browsing, and researching of new products online. Businesses often use online marketing strategies, such as reselling seo, to bring more traffic to their websites.

SEO, or search engine optimization, uses high quality website content and the strategic placement of key search terms to make websites more visible. When an internet search is done, the list of results can span several pages, and have millions of websites on the long list. Since most businesses are not in the business of online marketing, SEO i

Is it Safe to Let Employees Work on Their Own Mobile Devices?

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Employees like using their own smartphones at work, and employers are more than happy to let them do it. Why? Employees are not just using them to text and make personal phone calls. Employees are using their own phones and mobile devices to actually do work, and they are being more productive, too. Bosses may be sucked in by fewer costs and increased productivity, but they need to be careful. That raises reasonable questions, like “Why?” and, “How?”


Your company is not alone. A single, cartoon light bulb did not appear over your head, and you were not the only one to suggest, “Hey, maybe employees can get stuff done with their own phones!” BYOD, or bring your own device, is big, and it is getting bigger. This year alone, at least 150 million personal mobile devices were put to work a