Protecting Your Home from Termites

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Calling an exterminator right away is a natural reaction for those discovering termite infestations in their homes. If you’ve already got a problem, termite pest control services might be necessary. If you’re trying to prevent pests from becoming a problem, however, DIY termite and pest control might be better. In this article, we’ll go over basic techniques for termite pest control that can help you avoid a major infestation.

Termite Pest Control

Every year, an average of 600,000 Americans report damage to their homes from termites, resulting in about $750 million in property damage annually. Of those households, 32% called a professional pest control company.

Te best termite pest control is prevention, keeping them from appearing in the first place. The simultaneous good and bad news is that termites are social insects, always raising their young in groups. What that means for termite pest control is that you’re likely to find large quantities all in one area, but that you should at least be able to manage controlling any infestation in one fell swoop. Termites tend to seek out certain requirements for moisture, food, and shelter, so limiting the availability of those things in your home can keep termites from moving in. Try to eliminate the presence of wood near the foundation of your home. The tunnels drywood termites build can impact a home’s foundation, ruining the support beams. Keep wooden parts of the home, mulch, dead trees, and firewood away from the foundation to prevent that type of damage. Also try to avoid moisture accumulation near the foundation by diverting rain water. Grade or slop soil away, use lawn sprinklers far from the house, and use mulch sparingly.

Pest prevention can help you avoid problems in the first place, though when infestations do occur, they are best handled by a professional. Ask a local professional for further advice about termite pest control. Learn more.