Do Not Forget to Change Your Oil

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Motor oil matters

Most people who own or drive a motor vehicle know that it is important to have regular oil changes. However, there are some motor oil facts that many drivers do not know. Different cars require different kinds of oil, and there are several different types, and weights, of motor oil.

Mechanics and garages that handle automotive repairs know the motor oil facts and can tell you the best motor oil for your car. There are places that specialize in oil changes, and the people who work there are well trained to know their motor oil facts. For example, they will recommend motor oil that will work best for your car and in your climate. Some types of motor oil are especially for cold weather or winter use.

Cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, or any other type of vehicle with an internal combustion engine uses motor oil. Engines as large as those used for airplanes or as small as the ones in lawn mowers, generators or go karts are also included. For most people, it is the motor oil in their cars that they are most familiar, and most concerned, with.

It is important to have regular oil changes, and to check your oil periodically even between oil changes. If too much oil is put into a car, it may cause parts of the crankshaft to get oil on them. This churns air into the oil, and could cause foaming and fluctuations in oil pressure.

It is also important that used oil is disposed of properly. When used motor oil is dumped, and it is done improperly, it can form a scum on the top of bodies of water which can prevent sunlight and oxygen from entering the water. The results can be deadly for fish, frogs, plants and other forms of life in and around the water.
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